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This is my second move with MiniMoves. The experience is simple and straight forward…no hidden costs. Everything is clear and well communicated. Wow…thank you.
Raghu, Irving, TX


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Truck Rental

For smaller moves, people often consider moving on their own with a one way truck rental.  Many assume that because they are doing all of the work themselves, they will save a significant amount of money…but this is not always the case!  When you look at all of the costs associated with a do-it-yourself move such as a one way truck rental, truck fuel, pads, moving supplies, and hotels and meals necessary for a long distance move, you might be surprised to find that you can have a high quality full service move from MiniMoves for a similar and often lower price.

DIY Comparison GuideUse our DIY comparison guide to help you identify all of the costs involved with a do-it-yourself move (don’t forget extras like pizza for all the friends who help you move), then call MiniMoves to get a guaranteed quote for a full service move.  With all the time, stress, and even money that you could save, we don’t think anyone should ever do a move on their own.