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State-to-State Moving

Moving out of state can be stressful and costly, so choosing the right moving solution is important.

This can be especially challenging with state-to-state small moves - some furniture, boxes, or an apartment move; and often requires more money than you would expect or an incredible amount of personal time and energy. The MiniMoves network was developed specifically to handle small state-to-state moves, giving you an affordable full service option no matter the size.

There are a few options for shipping a few items or doing an apartment move out of state, but only one that appropriately meets the needs of small move customers.

Many small shippers turn to pack and ship stores or mail services to send a few boxes or even furniture, but often times the piece is too large or awkward for them to handle. These same customers along with people moving an apartment out of state may turn to a typical van line, but are likely to encounter a high price based on a minimum weight requirement that your shipment may not even meet. In an effort to save money, small move customers often resort to renting a truck for a do-it-yourself move. Your goods will be better protected during the move. From dishes and china to picture frames and lamps, our team is trained in the nuances of packing specific items...including unique items like dried flowers, tools, toys, and others. We know which packing materials Need help packing?and boxes should be used for each item, which makes a big difference in the protection of your goods. We also know how much should be packed inside each box. If you don’t pack enough items into each box, the box could be crushed by other items during the move; but if you pack the box too tightly, it could break open or items inside the box could be damaged.

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