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Military Moves

If you or a family member is in the military, you've probably moved or expect to move several times... sometimes with little time to prepare. Many service men and women choose to live in smaller residences, because having fewer items makes it easier to move. MiniMoves is a great solution for military moves as we provide full service small moves at prices that can fit your budget.

Unlike typical van lines, we won't charge you a price based on a minimum weight requirement (a minimum weight you may not even achieve with your small move). Our network is dedicated to small state-to-state moves, so our move solutions are made for one bedroom apartment moves and even just boxes or furniture. We also provide additional services such as packing that will take the pressure off of you when you are asked to move with little notice.

Renting a truck is often the solution that many turn to for their military move, because they assume it is the most affordable way to move. But after adding up all the costs of a do-it-yourself move including truck rental, fuel, insurance, moving supplies, etc., you'll see that you can have a full service move from MiniMoves for a similar and sometimes lower price, especially for long distance moves. Why spend the time and endure the physical stress of moving on your own when you can have professional movers do it for you?

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