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The MiniMoves Difference

We are anything but a typical moving company. The types of shipments we handle and the way we service them are entirely unique to the moving industry. As the only national full service moving company entirely dedicated to small moves, MiniMoves provides solutions to customers who previously had no good options.

We specialize in shipments of single items up to an apartment full of furniture. Unlike other moving companies, we do not have weight minimums – we charge you for the exact items you are moving. We also do not charge extra for our full service treatment like inside pick up and delivery, which you may find with some pack and ship stores and freight companies.

Free Estimates

We want the MiniMoves experience to be simple and straight forward. The process begins with a free quote right over the phone based on the items you are moving. There is no in-home survey, and you can get a quote and book a move in just minutes.

Exceptional Quality

What truly sets us apart is the way we prepare furniture and other items before they are loaded onto our trucks. Our diligent preparation procedures include blanket wrapping and stretch wrapping items to ensure the highest possible protection. These techniques give our customers peace of mind and help us maintain a remarkably low claims rate – 1/5 that of the industry average (industry average according to the American Moving and Storage Association, 2007).

Fast Delivery

With locations coast to coast, we are able to deliver goods to most major markets in just 7-12 days. Our speed is unmatched by most other moving companies and mail carriers, and ensures that our customers receive their goods in a timely manner.

Unexpected Affordability

With no weight minimum charges or extra fees for inside pick up and delivery, we offer full service state-to-state moves at prices that rival other moving options. We are the professional alternative to do-it-yourself moves...the affordable full service option many people don't know they have. We don’t think anyone should pay more with another company, or spend the time and energy to move on their own!