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Did you know there is a full service moving company that specializes in small moves?

America's Small Move Company MiniMoves has been offering unique solutions for state to state small moves since 1991. Our network is fully dedicated to small moves it's what we do best. With our full service small moves, you can save yourself the time & hassle of renting a truck and spend less than with a moving company best suited for large moves, not small moves. We believe small moves deserve the same treatment as other moves that's why we offer competitive guaranteed pricing & remarkable quality whether it's a few boxes or a few rooms of furniture. In just one quick phone call, you'll have a free moving estimate for your small move. Experience working with a full service moving company that specializes in affordable solutions for small moves. Contact us today to see how America's Small Move Company can help you.

MiniMoves - Apartment Movers

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If you’re relocating to a retirement community, vacation home, new job site...apartment moving…or shipping large items (e.g. shipping furniture to family members, or need delivery for furniture you’ve purchased), the small move experts can handle single items up to apartment moves. MiniMoves provides professional relocation moving services and full service door to door shipping for all your small move needs. learn more »


Companies now have an affordable, quality solution to offer renters and employees who receive lump sum benefits. Small corporate relocations have previously been difficult to service, but no longer is renting a truck an appropriate introduction to your company. Give your corporate relocation renters and entry-level employees the attention they deserve with a full service move that fits their budget. learn more »


For 15+ years, MiniMoves has worked with furniture and antique companies, interior decorators, retirement communities, and many others. You want to deliver an exceptional experience to your customers, including a quality door to door move solution. MiniMoves can provide delivery services, whether it’s oversized shipping, moving antiques and high-value pieces, or delivering to multiple locations. learn more »

Apartment Movers   Furniture Moving Company   Professional Apartment Movers

Searching for apartment movers?...look no further. For most moving companies, out of state apartment moves can be tricky because of their smaller size. But small moves are our specialty, and we're able to offer you prices specific to your small move size. Whether it's a studio, one or two bedroom apartment move we can provide you with an affordable full service move. Consider MiniMoves your expert apartment movers! learn more


Sending furniture to another state? It can be difficult to find a good move solution for just a few pieces of furniture as it's too big for regular mail services and pack & ship stores, but too small for van lines. Sofas, beds, tables and other furniture pieces fit right into our small move network, so you can get your furniture where it needs to go. Perfect for shipping furniture to kids at college, distributing goods after an estate sale, and more. learn more »


When you move your personal belongings you only want to work with the most professional companies out there, especially when your goods are traveling to another state. MiniMoves is a fully licensed and bonded national van line dedicated to small moves. Professional service means we work with the right people and give you the ultimate full service experience from start to finish. learn more »

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Moving out of state can be stressful and costly, so choosing the right solution is important. For small move out of state, many people consider full service van lines and truck rental options, but have a difficult time finding a solution that fits their move expectations and budget. With MiniMoves you can have a full service state-to-state that is priced based on its small size unlike most van lines and often less than a truck rental move. learn more >> learn more »


Many military moves are smaller in size making MiniMoves a great option for state-to-state military moves. With national coverage, we can deliver items to most major cities in 7 to 12 days allowing you get settled quickly at your new military base or residential area. We also provide professional packing services helpful when you need to move in a hurry and don't have time to pack yourself or your family. learn more »


Considering a truck rental move? Before you commit the time & endure the hassle of a do-it-yourself truck rental move, consider a full service move from MiniMoves often for the same price or less. Consider all the costs of a truck rental move including taxes, insurance, fuel, supplies, & more before you decide compare the cost to a full service move from MiniMoves. You'll be surprised by what you can save not renting a truck.learn more »

Chicago Movers   Los Angeles Movers   Local Moving Company

Moving to Chicago or looking for a Chicago mover to get you to another state? MiniMoves is your Chicago moving company for local area moves and out of state moves. Since Chicago is the home of MiniMoves national headquarters, Chicago moves are our specialty! Whether you're coming or going, moving into the city or to the Chicago suburbs, we're the Chicago movers you can count on. learn more


Let MiniMoves handle your small move to Los Angeles or help get your items from Los Angeles to another state. There are many Los Angeles moving companies, but none that have a national network dedicated to small moves. MiniMoves can move your furniture, boxes or entire apartment into or out of Los Angeles, getting you to a neighboring state or across the country quickly and affordably.learn more »


Looking for local movers in Chicago? We have been doing local moves in the city and suburbs of Chicago since 1991, and we have earned a superior reputation in the area. Just like our state-to-state moves, our local moves are full service with inside pick up and delivery of your items. We can also assist with professional packing and other services you may require. For local moves, large or small, MiniMoves is your Chicago solution. learn more »

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Moving can mean many different things depending on what is being moved, where it's being moved, and how it's being moved. MiniMoves specializes in state-to-state full service moves of smaller sizes small in size, but not in customer expectation or value. We are a great alternative to renting a truck (similar cost in most situations), and can work with you to accommodate your specific small move needs. learn more »


Full service can be affordable! Because our network is specifically designed to move smaller shipments, we can offer small moves at reasonable prices. Compare us to other van lines and even to truck rental moves, and you'll see that you can have a full service move even if you're moving just a few things. Full service means we do all the work at a guaranteed price a deal you can't find with any other moving company. learn more »


Often times your situation involves not just moving but also storage needs. No matter where you're moving in our network, MiniMoves can provide short term and long term storage solutions. You may find yourself needing storage if you're moving out of state and your destination residence is not yet ready for your arrival, or you may be shipping items to someone who cannot accept delivery right away. learn more »