Partner: Pack&Ship Companies

As a MiniMoves referral partner, you have the opportunity to help customers who come to you with shipment needs that are not within your scope of service.  By guiding them towards a cost effective, quality move solution, you leave customers with a great impression making them more likely remember you for their future needs.  We service customers moving single pieces of furniture (including oversized, awkward and bulky items) up to apartment size moves from one state to another.

Here are some of the customers we may be able to help:

  • Customers who are unable to bring their items to your facility due to physical limitations, distance, etc.
  • Customers who have more items than you would like to handle
  • Someone who needs items picked up or delivered to places you do not service (e.g. storage facilities)
  • Customers who need to ship items to cities you do not frequent
  • People needing to ship goods to multiple locations

MiniMoves is the only national moving company entirely dedicated to small moves.  With locations across the country we serve customers nationwide, and can handle distribution of goods to multiple locations.  We have long standing relationships with pack & ship stores who refer customers to MiniMoves, and we would like to add you to our referral network. Please complete the Partner Request form to the right, and one of our business development managers will contact you to determine how we can best help your customers.

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