Move My Employees: Lump Sums & Full Benefits

Companies who provide some employees with lump sum checks for their relocations and others with full benefits run into two separate issues…

Your lump sum employees likely struggle to find a move solution that fits within their budget, and are often forced to rent a truck and move their things themselves.  This type of move can be costly and frustrating, and is not the move experience you want your employees to have.

For your employees receiving full relocation benefits, you probably have a difficult time finding an appropriate provider to service those small moves.  If you’re using a traditional moving company, you are likely paying more than necessary because van lines impose weight minimums – many times you end up paying the equivalent of a move larger than your employee actually has.  What’s more, small moves are not a priority for larger van lines and their networks are not designed to service shipments of this size.  Your employees run the risk of poor quality service simply because they are a small fish in a big pond.

Through MiniMoves, you can now provide quality small move solutions for both your lump sum and full relocation benefit employees.  We provide full service door to door moving services for people shipping just a few items up to apartment size moves.  We manage all aspects of the move and maintain a level of quality that is above and beyond the moving industry standard.

We can help lump sum employees achieve full service treatment within their budget, as our prices are comparable to state to state do it yourself moves.  And we can save your company money by servicing your full relocation benefit employees.  Since our network is specifically designed for small moves, we can service shipments of this size more cost effectively than companies whose average shipments are tens of thousands of pounds in size.

If you would like more information on how MiniMoves can help your employees, please call us at 866.437.3093.  You can also complete the Partner Request form to the right, and one of our business development managers will contact you to discuss your company’s small corporate relocation needs.


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