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Moving to Seattle?

Moving to Seattle?  Seattle’s appeal stems from its casual, environmentally-conscious culture, and scenic natural surroundings.  The largest city in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle has seen a steady flow of incoming residents and vacationers in the past few years.  Long known for its rainy climate, Seattle actually receives less annual rainfall than most East Coast cities.  This reputation likely stems from the 200+ cloudy days the city sees each year.  This mild, moist climate encourages lush landscape of natural rain forests and an abundance of evergreen trees (for which the city has been nicknamed “The Emerald City”).  Seattle is truly one of a kind – the home of Olympic National Park, the grunge fashion statement, poetry slams, a thriving independent music scene, and double lattes.

Experience the region’s natural wildlife with a walking tour or tram tour through Northwest Trek Wildlife Park, just outside the city.  Or head to one of the locals favorite spots – the Seattle Aquarium and Woodland Park Zoo (the oldest zoo on the West Coast).  Explore the hidden underground passages in a guided tour of what were once the main roadways and storefronts of old downtown Seattle (the city was rebuilt one to two stories higher than the original layout after a fire in 1889).

For the best view of the city, ride the elevator of the Space Needle up 520 feet.  Created for the 1962 World’s Fair, the Space Needle has become an icon of the city much like the Eiffel Tower is in Paris.  Explore Seattle’s incredible seaport, including shopping and dining at Bell  Street Pier or at Fishermen’s Terminal.  See the city from the water by taking a ferry ride or boat tour along the Puget Sound.

Seattle unique neighborhoods have their own style and appeal.  The Chinatown-International District brings together the cultures and traditions of China, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries.  It’s no surprise that this area thrives, as Asians are the largest group of minorities in Seattle.  This district hosts a number of cultural events throughout the year, including lion dances during Lunar New Year celebrations and a summer festival.  During the day, Pioneer Square is a leisurely Pioneer Square in Seattleplace to stroll past shops and galleries…but at night, the crowds move into the bars and clubs.  The Scandinavian’s left a lasting impression on the town of Ballard, including the annual tradition of the Norwegian Constitution Day Parade.  Ballard is an artsy neighborhood filled with restaurants, boutiques, waterfront park, and pubs.  Watch the line of boats come through the Chittenden Locks – the pathway between Lake Washington, Lake Union and the Puget Sound.  Then there’s the Bohemian neighborhood of Fremont, where you’ll find vintage clothes, tattoo shops, brewpubs, and the music studio founded by Stone Gossard of the rock band Pearl Jam.

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