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Although we're confident that we are the best small move solution around, we realize there are other moving options out there. When people are moving just a few items, they often debate whether to use a full service moving company, rent a container or truck for a do-it-yourself move, or ship through a pack and ship store. We encourage you to do research and weigh out your options, and we've provided information below to help you through the process.

Some important things to consider when choosing a move solution is how much personal time you can afford to spend on your move, how much energy you want to put towards your move, and how much you are willing to spend (keeping in mind that there are often “hidden costs” you may not automatically consider). If you are considering any of the move options below, read through our comparison information to make sure you take into account all that is involved with each type of move.

DIY Comparison GuideOur full service solutions will save you valuable personal time and energy...and for a price comparable to these other alternatives. Because our network was created specifically to service small shipments, we are better equipped than other providers to service state to state small moves. If you have the opportunity for MiniMoves do all the work for you for a similar price, why would you move any other way? Call us at 866.437.3093 or complete the Move My Things form to the left to find out how we can help you.