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Comparison Tools: Truck Rentals

Thinking about renting a truck to move your items?  Before you do, you should carefully consider the personal commitment you will have to make in cost, time and physical labor.  For a comparable price, MiniMoves can do all the work for you, saving you the burden of having to take off from work, begging friends and family to help, and healing your aching back after hauling your sofa up three flights of stairs.

DIY Comparison GuideThere are many hidden costs that people don’t consider with a do-it-yourself move.  Beyond the one way truck rental, you should account for the cost of fuel, moving equipment (e.g. dollies and pads), any overnight hotel stays you will have to do for a long distance move, food and tolls on the road, any late fees for returning the truck after your scheduled time…and the personal sacrifice required to spend the time to prepare, load, drive, and unload your goods during the move.  If you want to weight your options, give us a call at 866.437.3093 for a free quote and use our Truck Rental Comparison Guide to examine the costs of a full service move by MiniMoves versus a DIY move.

Many people out there belong to an exclusive club called the “I’ll Never Move On My Own Again” group.  These are the brave souls who have attempted the DIY move, suffered the consequences, and vowed that they will never rent a truck again.  If you have not already had the painful experience of moving on your own, save yourself the trouble…MiniMoves is the smart choice.