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Print Vendor Cards

To print additional vendor cards for your office, enter your MiniMoves referral code in the field below and click View Vendor Cards. A PDF file with six vendor cards will open that you can print and post in your customer service area.

MiniMoves Referral Code  

Printing Vendor Cards
You may have to adjust your printer settings for the vendor cards to print properly.

  • From your internet menu bar, go to Tools, then Internet Options
  • Select the Advanced tab
  • Scroll down to the Printing section, and make sure to mark the check box "Print background colors and images."
  • Click OK, then print the vendor cards.
If the file is not centered correctly, you can adjust your margin settings by going to File, then Page Setup. Adjust the margin number, then click OK.

How to Refer MiniMoves
There are three easy ways to refer your small move customers to MiniMoves:

  • Transfer your customer direclty to us at 800.300.6683. Be sure the customer knows your MiniMoves referral code.
  • Give the customer our phone number and your MiniMoves referral code, so the customer can contact us directly.
  • Submit the customer's information online: click here
  • Send the customer information to us via email at

We will provide your customer with a guaranteed estimate right over the phone and work directly with them during the move.  We assume all responsibility and move management, and will give your customer the quality, full service MiniMoves experience.